Research and Data Integrity

​ ​ITS established a Research and Data Integrity workgroup that meets monthly to discuss, evaluate, recommend and share information and ideas related to the information and communication technologies used within the district in terms of research and analysis.

Members of this group include administrators and classified staff from the district  and campuses who are engaged in the implementation of technology or oversee technological functions as a part of the analytical assessment performed within the research offices.


​  Membership:

​Santa Ana CollegeSantiago Canyon
Janice Love,
Director of College Research
Aaron Voelcker ,
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness,
Assessment and Library
Nga Pham,
Executive Director, District
Research, Planning &
Institutional Effectiveness
Stuart Davis,
Director of Information Systems        
Kevin Kawa,
Research Analyst
Rudy Tjiptahadi,
Research Analyst
Cristina Gheorghe,
Research Coordinator
Paul Hwang,
Applications Specialist IV

Haydeh Kaveh,
Research Analyst
Tyler Nguyen,
Research Analyst
​Annette Wickman,
Applications Specialist III

Jacob Poore,
Research Analyst
Noelle Hurley,
Applications Specialist III