Socioeconomic Study

​Executive Summary

Orange County's community colleges are an integral economic engine vital to the well-being of the region and state.  Even as the economic situation and the state budget shortfall has led to drastic cutbacks in spending and services, the colleges have continued to touch every aspect of life in Orange County, enriching the lives and earning power of students and driving the economy forward.

According to the Orange County Business Council's (OCBC) study, The Socioeconomic Benefits Generated by Orange County's Community Colleges, these academic institutions provide benefits to their communities, taxpayers, and students that far exceed their operational costs.

The study demonstrates that Orange County's community colleges leverage taxpayer dollars, generate a return on investment, increase students' earning potential, and play a significant role in fueling the state and local economies.

OCBC's study also reveals significant regional economic benefits beyond what students gain individually from their education.  If the colleges did not exist, taxes would have to be raised to compensate for the contributions the colleges make in economic, quality-of-life, and social benefits.

Orange County's community colleges maximize the impact of every taxpayer dollar.  Due to the education students receive, the workforce benefits from newly skilled college-trained workers who earn more than their non-college educated counterparts.  Consequently, their employers are more profitable through the services they render to their employers, resulting in a return on investment for property owners, increased regional tax revenues, and increased labor and non-labor incomes.

We invite you to explore this important study and the information specific to the Rancho Santiago Community College District.