RSCCD Corporate Training Institute

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CTi Provides Customized Job Training and Work Skills Assessments for a Productive and Successful Workforce!

The Corporate Training Institute (CTi) designs customized job training workshops per individual business owners’ needs to improve employee efficiency and productivity.  CTi can tailor the training to specifically meet the client’s preferred level of the learning program (beginning, Imageintermediate, advanced) timeframe for the project (days, weeks, months), be delivered in AM, PM or weekend hours, be presented in the location needed, and given to the size of group they would like to have trained.  

You tell us when, where, for how many, and we'll see you there!

Training from CTi assists in upgrading employees’ skill sets.  We offer companies affordable pricing that will fit their budgets for one-day workshops and/or extended learning programs. 


Additionally, CTi houses a state-of-the-art testing and training computer lab where clients can take advantage of assessing their existing and prospective employees with the WorkKeys and KeyTrain systems known worldwide for identifying the work skill sets of individuals, and subsequently providing online training to improve those abilities.  WorkKeys and KeyTrain are known as best practices for recruiting, hiring, promotion and training.  

Please visit us at or for more information contact CTi Director Ruth Cossio-Muniz at (714) 564-5520.​​​


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