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Rancho Santiago Community College District Hosts First Enrollment Strategies Learning Tour for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office


November 10, 2022

(Santa Ana, CA) –The Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) hosted their first Enrollment Strategies Learning Tour for the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) at the request of Interim Chancellor Daisy Gonzales, on

Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The tour provided the CCCCO insight into the RSCCD's enrollment strategies at both Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC) due to the rising enrollment rates at both campuses that continue to persist during the 2021-22 academic school year leading into the 2023 spring semester, where many surrounding and state community colleges are witnessing declining enrollment rates that have deterred needed growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The California Community Colleges Office is excited to learn from and collaborate with RSCCD to explore strategies on how community colleges can engage more students post COVID-19 pandemic, says Dr. Daisy Gonzales, California Community Colleges Chancellor. “The Chancellor's Office team is always working to close equity gaps, reduce the cost of attendance and improve transfer degrees for students—we are excited to welcome RSCCD's innovative ways to support our goals in the long-and short-term."

At a time when most California community colleges are challenged with declining enrollment rates, RSCCD has created innovative and responsive ways to capture and retain students online and onsite through unmatched strategies that can be considered “best practice" for the California Community College system. 

“RSCCD was thrilled at the opportunity to showcase our enrollment strategies regarding how we are engaging and retaining students for completion at both SAC and SCC, says Marvin Martinez, RSCCD Chancellor. “This has been unprecedented times for our district where we have been able to think outside-of-the-box and offer innovative ways for students to not only enroll in the classes they need toward graduation, but stay on track though our wrap-around and flexible academic service offerings."

Dual enrollment, adult education, specialized and award-winning programs such as automotive, culinary, nursing, and legal studies have been flagship areas of study that have contributed to the increased enrollment results for both SAC and SCC.

Santa Ana College is home to the award-winning culinary program that has contributed to increased enrollment at the district through their dual enrollment program with Santa Ana Unified School District, Garden Grove Unified School District and Orange County School of Arts.​

Santa Ana's sister college, Santiago Canyon College has consistently stayed on track with increased enrollment that has been credited to the dual enrollment programs, adult education and pathway programs. RSCCD continues to expand their academic programs and service offerings for students of all backgrounds and academic needs for continuous growth and innovation for 21st century learning.

The Learning Tour hosted more than 18 representatives from the CCCCO, kicking off the agenda with a welcome reception at Santa Ana College followed by enrollment strategy presentations from both presidents at SAC and SCC at both college campuses, walking tours of Santa Ana's Fainbarg Chase Thrive Center, a center addressing significant disparities in food and housing security to increase health and improve academic performance, Santiago Canyon College's Museum of Teaching and Learning (MOTAL) Exhibit, a traveling exhibit recognizing the Grassroots Struggle for School  Desegregation in California and the Black Legacy Achievement Center of Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.).

Learning Tour guests included
Dr. Daisy Gonzales, California Community Colleges Interim Chancellor
Bill Rawlings, Board of Governors Member
Paul Medina, Board of 
Governors Member
Roy Shahbazian, Board of Governors Member
Dr. Lizette 
Navarette, Executive Vice Chancellor for the Office of Institutional Supports and Success
Dr. John Hetts, Executive Vice Chancellor for the Office of Innovation, Data, Evidence and Analytics
David O'Brien, Vice Chancellor of Government Relations
Rebecca Ruan-O'Shaughnessy, Vice Chancellor for Educational Services and Support
Sandra Sanchez, Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development
May, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges President
Aschenbach, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Vice President
Clemaus Tervalon, Student Senate for California Community Colleges President
Stephen Kodur, Student Senate for California Community Colleges Community  Organizer, and
Julie Adams, Student Senate for California Community Colleges Executive Director.

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About Rancho Santiago Community College District

Rancho Santiago Community College District is home of one of the state's oldest community colleges, Santa Ana College, and also one of its newest, Santiago Canyon College. Centered in a growing and dynamic area, the district serves a population of more than 571,000 residents in the communities of Anaheim Hills, Orange, Santa Ana, Villa Park and portions of Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove and Tustin.

Encompassing 24 percent of Orange County's total area (193 square miles), the district maintains eight facilities. In addition to Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College, these include the Centennial and Orange Continuing Education Centers, the  Digital Media Center, the Orange County Regional Fire Training Center, the Orange County Sheriff's Regional Training Academy, the College and Workforce Preparation, Remington Adult Education Center and the District Operations Center.


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