Statement of Support | George Floyd

June 3, 2020

Dear Students and Colleagues,

We have all been watching what has transpired in our communities and across the country as a result of the murder of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. It is yet another chapter in what seems to be a never-ending painful story in our country. Our communities are in pain. We must seek to understand the pain, anger and grief being felt throughout our community, and even more so in the African-American community.

We all work together to make our district an inclusive, welcoming, safe place for our students, employees and our community members. What is happening across our country right now is a cry for us to do more, to be better. Therefore, we ask that we all do just that. We must listen and learn. We are educators and as such, we have a tremendous and exceptional responsibility to teach and help open the minds that are in our classrooms and our service areas, to identify the root issues that are causing such pain to our fellow Americans.

However, in order to do that for others, we must first look in the mirror, study ourselves, and ensure that we are rooted in our beliefs of equity, equality and justice for all. As the higher learning and cultural hubs of our communities, it is inherent upon us to foster dialog and work with our community leaders to do our very best to help address the issues facing all of us, safeguard our human rights, and come together to make our district and communities better. We must do this. We owe it to each other.


Marvin Martinez

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