Content Query Web Part

The old way to dynamically display in the page content all documents uploaded to a specific document library is to insert an “App” category Web Part which contains that document library.

For Example: To insert the “Annual Planning Portfolio & Quadrennial 19QT Capstone” document library to a web page, you select the "Annual Planning Portfolio & Quadrennial 19QT Capstone" document library that appears on the Web Part dropdown.

Insert Documents library 

The whole Documents library will be displayed on the web page as below. However, this internal view of the document library contains form elements that are not compliant to web accessibility.

Display Documents library 

The correct way to display a document library in web page content should be using a Content Query Web Part.

  • If you do not have an existing web page that displays the Documents library, create a new web page,  and then follow the steps below to insert a Content Query Web Part to the new page to display the list of documents.

  • If you have an existing page that displays a Documents library, delete that Web Part, and then insert a Content Query Web Part to display the list of documents.

    Attention!!! Publishers may create a link** pointing directly to a Documents library .
    If the URL of the page contains "/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx" or "/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=", you are opening a system page that displays the Documents library. Do not edit it! Create a new web page and add a Content Query Web Part to display the links to documents listed in that library. And then, change the link** (pointing directly to Documents library) to point to the newly created web page.

(1) Inserting a Content Query Web Part

  • Select Insert / Web Part
  • Select "Content Rollup" in the categories column (Select "Default" category on SCC site)
  • Select "Content Query"

Insert content Query Web Part

(Content Query WP is in "Default" category on SCC site)
Insert content Query Web Part 

(2) Editing a Content Query Web Part

  • Select Edit Web Part from the dropdown (or click on "open the tool pane" link)
    Edit Web Part 
  • Under Query, select the option “Show items from the following list”, browse to document library you want to display, and select it.
    Select Documents library
  • Click Apply button to display the list of documents on the web page. The Content Query Web Part only displays the list of file names linking to documents.
    Documnent list 
  • Click the + sign to open Presentation tab, and follow the settings below for grouping and sorting documents.
    • Group items by "<None>"
    • Sort items by "Created"
    • Show items in descending order
    • uncheck "Limit the number of items to display"
      Query Presentation  
  • Under Appearance, set Chrome Type to None.
  • Below is the web page with the Content Query Web Part displaying a list of links to all documents located in the Annual Planning Portfolio & Quadrennial 19QT Capstone” document library.
    Document list on page