Picture Gallery Slideshow Web Part

Before creating Picture Gallery Slideshow you need to have an existing picture gallery.

Creating a Picture Library

  • Go to Site Actions > More Options...
  • Select Library tab, select Picture Library and name it (e.g. The Earth Palette)

  • The newly created picture library appears under Picture Libraries heading in All Site Content

  • Upload photos to the picture gallery
  • Double click on each photo to open the image properties window
  • Add title and description

Creating a Picture Gallery Slideshow

  • Go to Site Actions, Edit Page
  • Place the cursor at the location you want to insert the Web Part
  • Select Editing Tools > Insert > Web Part from the ribbon
  • In the Categories, select Media and Content > Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

  • Click on Add

Editing Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

  • Select Edit Web Part from the dropdown menu

  • Web Part configuration:

    • Duration to Show Picture (seconds)
      Enter the amount of seconds before a new picture will appear.
    • Picture library
      Select the picture library name from the dropdown if there are more than one.
    • Library view
      Select the view.
    • Picture Display Mode
      Show the pictures in random or sequential order.
    • Display with
      Options to display title and description.

    • Show toolbar
      Navigate to the next or previous picture or stop the slideshow.

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