SAC Presidential Search

​The Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) is seeking a successor to Santa Ana College President Dr. Erlinda Martinez, who will be retiring on June 30, 2016.

RSCCD, with assistance from Community College Search Services, is conducting a presidential search for qualified candidates that possess the following personal characteristics and qualities:

  • Demonstrated strategic ability to plan for change in
    ways that ensure broad buy-in and action that, in turn,
    significantly improve student access and success;
  • Demonstrated success in building an effective and cohesive
    leadership team;
  • Demonstrated passion for serving community college
    students and an understanding of the sense of urgency
    required to foster equity in both access and student success;
  • Demonstrated results-oriented approach that focuses on
    student outcomes and aligning plans and implementation
    efforts to measurable goals;
  • Demonstrated strength of character as exemplified by
    behavioral integrity and ethical decision making;
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with and earn the trust of
    internal and external stakeholders;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate to
    stakeholders, among other things, the college goals and
    strategic objectives to advance student access and success;
  • Demonstrated experience with fiscal processes, including
    securing sufficient resources to adequately fund college
    operations and ensuring adequate controls to prevent
    fiscal mismanagement;
  • Demonstrated experience in the planning, construction
    and effective utilization of college facilities;
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities with a track record
    as a successful fundraiser; and
  • Demonstrated experience in engaging with external
    partners and developing joint programs or partnerships to
    leverage resources to reach underserved populations and
    achieve greater levels of student success.

Candidates are encouraged to review all of the information for the Santa Ana College President position and submit their application materials online by selecting the Apply Now link to the right.

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Dr. James Walker
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