Information Technology Services

"Fostering Learning, Productivity, and Collaboration" 

Address:  RSCCD
                Information Technology Services
                2323 N. Broadway, Suite 249
                Santa Ana, CA 92706
Phone:     (714) 480-7439
District Technology Status Update:
RSCCD Network:  Fully Functioning
Exchange / Outlook: Fully Functioning
Phone / Voice MailFully Functioning
Datatel: Fully Functioning
Web Advisor:  Fully Functioning
Blackboard:  Fully Functioning
Mission Statement: Information Technology Services (ITS) enables Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) to define and fulfill the role of technology in higher education.  Through the use of technological resources, ITS supports academic programs, student services, and administration at the district office, the colleges, and academic centers.  
Under the direction of the Associate Vice Chancellor, Sylvia LeTourneau, ITS:
  • Provides a robust, reliable, and secure information technology infrastructure to the District
  • Supports the use of information technology to facilitate academic innovation in instruction and learning
  • Provides electronic access to information
  • Anticipates and executes the needs of the community in a timely manner
  • Promotes and develops partnerships to empower campus-wide use of technology
  • Develops a community that is adaptable to technological changes.
  • Provide professional customer service and satisfactory resolutions to end users.
ITS is comprised of four departments:
  • Academic Technology Services (one each at Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College);
  • Network and Communications; and
  • Application Development.
ITS Management
Sylvia LeTourneau
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services

Curtis Childress
Director, Academic Support Santiago Canyon College

Nicholas Quach
Director, Academic Support Santa Ana College

Alfonso Oropeza
Director, Application Development

Doug Johnson
Interim Director, Application Development

Stuart Davis
Interim Director, Application Development

Phillip Lyle
Director, Network and Communications