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Jose Solorio, Member

Jose Solorio 

Jose Solorio was elected to the Board of Trustees in November 2012 for Trustee Area 1.  He currently serves as chair of the Board Facilities Committee. His personal story is an inspiring one. The son of migrant farm workers, Trustee Solorio has gone from laboring as a teenager in the fields alongside his parents, to earning a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University, to serving as a member of the California State Assembly, and to now representing central Orange County on the Board of Trustees for the Rancho Santiago Community College District. He focuses his efforts on education, job creation, public safety and infrastructure improvements.

In the State Assembly, Solorio successfully worked with Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders to author and co-author laws to reform state prisons, create the state’s first gang czar, and make it easier for cities to file injunctions against gangs.

In the area of education, he authored laws to improve the way we measure academic achievement, help students learn English more quickly, train teachers on using data to improve classroom instruction, and reduce the high price of college student textbooks. Education has always been a priority of Solorio. He says a quality college education is what has given him and countless others the opportunity to reach their dreams.

To protect those opportunities for others in central Orange County, as Trustee he plans to work on keeping Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College affordable and accessible, strengthening relationships with local employers to maximize job placements for students, partnering with the faculty to ensure they have the support and academic tools necessary to provide quality and cutting-edge instruction to students, and modernizing facilities and classrooms so our students have the best technology and skills to compete in today's economy and improve their chances to transfer to four-year universities.

In addition to his work in local and state government, Solorio has 11 years of public affairs, marketing, public relations, research and communications experience. He uses those skills in his public affairs and marketing consulting business to help organizations and businesses, large and small, tackle tough issues and communicate their messages effectively.  Trustee Solorio also teaches policy and government at UC Irvine, an endeavor that allows him to give back to his alma mater while helping a future generation of students.

Often asked why he dedicates so much time and effort in the community, Solorio recites one of Cesar Chavez's famous quotes: "The end of all education should surely be service to others."

President Solorio can be reached by email.

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