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Central Plant artist rendering

Central Plant & Infrastructure

Project Summary:

  • Construction of a new Central Plant Building.
  • Phase 1: utility replacement, Phase 2: central plant and Phase 3: mechanical upgrades to 8 buildings and includes a new central cooling plant, underground chilled water piping loop, upgrading existing gas, domestic water lines, sewer, drainage and fire water systems.
  • Includes HVAC system conversion for 8 existing buildings to be connected to the new Central Cooling Plant, including a new campus wide energy management system (EMS).
  • Includes 10 DSA plan submittals.
  • The central plant building will be designed to meet LEED Silver certification.

Current Status:

  • Project is in design.
  • Four plan submittals have been approved by DSA.
  • Target construction: July 2015 –Winter 2017

Budget: $68.17 million

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