Auxiliary Services

​ ​ Auxiliary Services is comprised of four departments  (including operations at Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon College and the Continuing Education Centers):

Bookstore Operations (SAC, SCC, CEC and OEC)

  • Provide necessary educational tools including textbooks, course materials and office supplies to serve and benefit the students, faculty and staff of the Rancho Santiago Community College District.

Cashier's Office (SAC & SCC)

  • Collect student fees including enrollment, parking, health, student ID, material and non-resident tuition.
  • Process student refunds and bill for scholarships and external agency tuition and related fees.
  • Provide photo imaging services for staff and student identification cards.

 Food Service and Vending (SAC & SCC)

  • Deliver a food service program which includes retail operations, vending and coffee carts to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. Provide catering services for college events, activities and programs including special services for the community

Student Business Office (SAC)

  • Perform accounts payable, cashiering, general accounting and purchasing functions for clubs and organizations in each of the following: Associated Student Fund, Bookstore Fund, Community Education Fund and Diversified Funds.
  • Develop internal controls and fraud prevention systems for cashiering locations and all fundraising accounts held in the Student Business Office.
  • Insure compliance with accounting and documentation standards by controlling the receipt and disbursement of all auxiliary funds.

Contact Information
Location / Web Link Phone Number
Don Bookstore (SAC)(714) 564-6436​​​
Hawk Bookstore (SCC)(714) 564-4435​​
Cashier's Office (SAC)(714) 564-6965
Cashier's Office (SCC)(714) 628-4727
Student Business Office (SAC)(714) 564-6430