Sustainable RSCCD Committee (SRC)


The Sustainable RSCCD Committee is a participatory governance committee, working with the campus committees, responsible for raising awareness within the district and making recommendations to the Chancellor concerning the conservation of energy and other resources and the implementation of sustainability practices that impact the district and community.


  • Promote and nurture new patterns of thinking about college and district operations, practices, learning programs, support services and the relation to the local community that include consideration of conservation of energy and sustainability.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality.
  • Create institutional structures and identify resources relating to conservation of energy and sustainability to guide and support the implementation of the comprehensive plan.
  • Complete an inventory of all greenhouse gas emissions and update that inventory.
  • Encourage the development of curriculum that raises awareness about climate neutrality and sustainability and that offers a career path to employment in "green" technologies.
  • Review the status of and develop objectives related to improving and maintaining the "green infrastructure" of the district and colleges.
  • Provide periodic progress reports on the accomplishments of the committee.

Vision Statement

The Rancho Santiago Community College District holds sustainability to be a foundational principle in its current and future development. As a responsible steward of natural resources and the environment, the District will endeavor to minimize its impact on the environment by implementing best practices for conserving resources, reducing waste, implementing energy reduction and alternative energy generation strategies, constructing efficient buildings, and by developing partnerships that will further these activities.​

Sustainability Plan

 ​The Sustainable RSCCD Committee finalized work on the Rancho Santiago Community College District Sustainability Plan in February 2015. The plan was approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting of March 9, 2015.  To view the plan and subsequent reports, click on the links below.

  Rancho Santiago Community College District Sustainability Plan

  Programs, Projects and Planning Implementation List - Revised May 20, 2020

  Districtwide Water Conservation Efforts Presentation to the Board - May 16, 2016

  Sustainability Plan 2014-2016 Report

  Sustainability Report - 2016-2018
     Exhibit A - Sustainability Plan Pamphlet
     Exhibit B - SAC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map
     Exhibit C - SCC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map
     Exhibit D - SAC Central Mall Landscape Walking Tour
     Exhibit E - Electricity, Gas and Water Consumption 2010-2018

 Sustainability Report - 2018-2021
     Exhibit A - SAC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map
     Exhibit B - SCC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map
     Exhibit C - Electricity, Gas and Water Consumption 2010-2020

Sustainability Report - 2021-2023​
     Exhibit A - SAC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map​
     Exhibit B - SCC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map​
     Exhibit C - Electricity, Gas and Water Consumption 2012-2023​​

Tips for Reducing Paper and Plastic Use​

Reducing Paper and Plastic Use in 3 Easy Steps

NEW SAC Bicycle Racks and Hydratio​n Stations Map​​

NEW SCC Bicycle Racks and Hydration Stations Map

The RSCCD Sustainability Committee invites you to take the 2024 Earth Day Sustainability Survey

Take a few minutes to tell us about your views on sustainability.  

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​Santa Ana College
Santiago Canyon CollegeDistrict Office
Vice President, Admin Svcs
Bart Hoffman
Vice President, Admin Svcs
Arleen Satele
Asst. Vice Chancellor 
Carri Matsumoto​, Chair​​
Vice President, Continuing Ed
Jim Kennedy
Dean, Student Services
Joanne Armstrong
Director, Purchasing Services
Linda Melendez

Kelvin Leeds
Craig Ursuy

Vanessa Engstrom
Daniel Oase

Director, Facility Planning
Tae Kim

Classified Staff

Classified Staff
Ambar Nakagami

Classified Staff
Simone Wolfe

Genesis Garcia 
Gio Mondragon

Gabriel Lopez
Daniel Barragan​​

Facilities Project Manager
Hugo Curiel


Meetings are held from 3 - 4 p.m. (Location TBD)


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