Board of Trustees

​​​​​​​​​​​​Board Committees

Board Executive Committee - Executive Committee Agendas/Minutes​​
Phillip Yarbrough​, Board President
Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D.​, Vice President​
David Crockett, Clerk

Board Facilities Committee - Facilities Committee Agendas/Minutes​
John Hanna, Chair
David Crockett, Member
Larry Labrado, Member
Phillip Yarbrough​, Alternate

Board Fiscal/Audit Review Committee - Fiscal/Audit Review C​ommittee Agendas/Minutes​
Phillip Yarbrough, Chair
David Crockett, Member
Zeke Hernandez, Member

Board Institutional Effectiveness Committee - Board Institutional Effectiveness Committee Agendas/Minutes
Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D., Chair
David Crockett​, Member
Zeke Hernandez, Member
Phillip Yarbrough, Alternate

​​Board Legislative Committee - Legislative Committee Agendas/Minutes​
Larry Labrado, Chair
Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D., Member
Sal Tinajero, Member
Phillip Yarbrough​​, Alternate

Board Policy Committee
- Policy Committe​e Agendas/Minutes
Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D., Chair
David Crockett, Member
John Hanna, Member
Phillip Yarbrough, Alternate

Representatives to the RSCCD Foundation:  Sal Tinajero

Representatives to the Orange County Legislative Task Force:  Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D

Representative to the Orange County School Boards Association:​  David Crockett

Representative to the Nominating Committee on School District Organization:Phillip Yarbrough