FRC Agenda & Minutes 2016-17


FRC ​​Committee Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and Evaluates Resource Allocation Model
  • Monitors State Budget Development and Recommends Mid-Year Adjustments
  • Develops Assumptions for Tentative & Adopted Budgets
  • Develops District budget process calendar
  • Assesses effective use of financial resources
  • Reviews and Evaluates Financial Management Processes

FRC Committee Planning Calendar:​

JanuaryReview Governor's Proposed Budget and Audit Reports
FebruaryReview and Recommend Tentative Budget Assumptions and Budget Calendar
MarchReview and Update Budget Allocation Model (BAM) & Updated Allocation Simulation
AprilReview and Update Budget Allocation Model (BAM)
MayGovernor's May Revise and Review and Recommend Tentative Budget
JulyGovernor Signs Budget and Update Budget Assumptions
AugustReview and Recommend Proposed Adopted Budget
SeptemberReview Multi-Year Projections (MYP)
NovemberLAO Publishes Fiscal Outlook Report

FRC Membership:

​​​Santa Ana College​Santiago Canyon College​District
​Michael T. Collins​Arleen Satele​Peter Hardash - Chair
​Ray Hicks​Steven Deeley​Adam O'Connor
Elliott Jones​Mary Mettler - Co-chair​Lee Krichmar
​Jimmy Nguyen​Pilar Gutierrez-Lucero​Maria Gil
​James Kennedy (alternate)​Jose Vargas (alternate)​Richard Kudlik (alternate)
​Morrie Barembaum ​(FARSCCD)

FRC Agendas & Minutes: