Lieutenant Frank Prado

Lieutenant Frank Prado: Guardian for SCC's Students and Employees​​

Southern California native Francisco “Frank" Prado's life has been a testament to dedication and service, rooted in his upbringing in the small community of El Modena, near Santiago Canyon College (SCC). Prado's parents were part of the "Bracero" program, a U.S. Government-sponsored program that imported Mexican farm and railroad workers into the United States to fill agriculture shortages during World War II, At the time, it was the largest foreign worker program in U.S. history. These humble beginnings instilled a strong work ethic and a deep sense of community.

Prado's educational journey mirrored his local ties, attending Esplanade Elementary School, Santiago Junior High School, and graduating from El Modena High School. His formative years were filled with sports, including football and soccer, and a commitment to service as an Altar Server at La Purisi​ma Catholic Church.

His career spanned 27 years, and various roles, including assignments in custody operations, patrol operations in Lake Forest, and specialized units such as the South County Gang Enforcement Team and the Street Narcotics unit.

Despite the challenges and demands of law enforcement, Prado found the most rewarding moments in patrol operations, where he could directly impact and assist community members in need.

“Being able to do the right thing in those moments is what I believe is the true meaning of “Public Service" and what has been the most rewarding aspect of my career," said Prado.

In 2017, after a distinguished career in law enforcement, Prado embarked on a new chapter with the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD). Currently serving as a Lieutenant assigned to SCC, Prado finds profound fulfillment in serving the college community. Reflecting on his role at SCC, Prado remarks “It gives me great satisfaction knowing that not only am I here to help keep them safe, but all the officers who work for District Safety and Security are here to do the same as well."

While integrating his commitment to service and community and the role of a law enforcement officer, Prado closed by adding, “Our mindset is not that of a warrior mentality, but instead we preach and practice the Guardian philosophy making sure that we all do our part to make RSCCD a safe place for all who visit."

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