RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez Addresses California's $68 Billion Deficit


RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez Addresses California's $68 Billion Deficit

According to the ​California Legislative Analyst Office (LAO), California faces a $68 Billion deficit. Largely as a result of a severe revenue decline in 2022‑23, the state faces a serious budget deficit.  

However, a lifeline exists through the existing funds dedicated to apprenticeships, aligning with the state's commitment to advancing and expanding these opportunities. 

The California Department of Industrial Relations, through a comprehensive five-point action plan, has earmarked substantial funds from the 2022-2023 state budget – over $231 million – with a lofty goal to propel apprenticeship numbers to half a million by 2029. The Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD), under the leadership of Chancellor Marvin Martinez, has been appointed by State Chancellor Sonya Christian to lead the way in modeling successful apprenticeship programs, positioning the District as a pioneer in workforce development. 

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Day One of the Inaugural Fall 2023 California Regions at Work Conference

From Left to Right: SCC President, Jeannie Kim; SAC President, Annebelle Nery, RSCCD Chancellor, Marvin Martinez; RSCCD Assistant Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce|
 Development and OCRC Executive Director, Adriene "Alex" Davis; SOCCCD Chancellor, Julianna Barnes; CA State Senator Thomas J. Umberg; NOCCCD Chancellor, Byron Clift Breland

Chancellor Marvin Martinez kicked off the Inaugural Fall 2023 California Regions at Work Conference with a compelling keynote on apprenticeships that underscores the District's commitment to aligning education with industry needs. Apprenticeships offer students a distinctive advantage – the ability to pursue education while earning a living wage and enjoying benefits. This approach not only mitigates financial burdens for students but also ensures they gain practical experience directly aligned with industry demands.  

“Apprenticeships provide students the opportunity to achieve not just a job but a fulfilling career with a living wage that empowers them to stay in California, contribute to their communities, and build a prosperous future for their families,” said Chancellor Martinez.  Extending beyond individual growth, the impact of fostering a skilled workforce and retaining talent within Orange County reverberates through the local economy. When individuals choose to stay, their families contribute to the community, creating a positive cycle of growth. A testament to this, RSCCD has significantly bolstered the Orange County economy, contributing nearly $2 billion according to the 2020-2021 Economic Impact Study commissioned by the Orange County Regional Consortium (OCRC) Governance Council through SWP regional investments. 

In the face of California's budget deficit, the earmarked funds for apprenticeships stand as a transformative lifeline. By tapping into available state funds and crafting successful apprenticeship models, the District is not just navigating the current financial landscape; it is actively shaping the future of the region.

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