RSCCD Contributes Nearly $2 Billion to OC

​​​​Rancho Santiago Community College District Contributes Nearly $2 Billion to Orange County's Economy ​

Nearly an additional $2 billion in income was added to the Orange County economy thanks to the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) in collaboration with its two colleges, Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC). 

RSCCD's substantial injection of capital represents approximately 0.7% of the county's Gross Regional Product (GRP). SAC and SCC also individually contribute $1.3 billion and $468.2 million, respectively, accounting for around 0.4% and 0.2% of the county's GRP. This economic presence concurrently supports the creation of 20,999 jobs within Orange County. 

“The study's findings highlight the impact of RSCCD and our two campuses on the Orange County community. We are committed to providing a conducive educational environment, and these findings reaffirm our dedication to our students and the local economy," said RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez. 

"At Santa Ana College, we believe education is the cornerstone of upward mobility and prosperity in Orange County and beyond, said SAC President Annebelle Nery, Ph.D. "We are proud to provide high-quality education at an affordable rate that empowers individuals and enriches the region. 

SCC President Jeannie Kim, Ph.D., echoes these sentiments, noting, "Santiago Canyon College is dedicated to the educational and economic well-being of Orange County. We are committed to our role in shaping the future of our students and our community." 

Beyond financial contribution, RSCCD's operations spending is currently injecting $352.8 million into the county economy, alongside an additional $18 million net impact resulting from construction spending. The study further identifies $127.8 million in income generated by relocated and retained students, while former students currently employed in the county workforce contribute a noteworthy $1.5 billion in added income and net impact. 

RSCCD impact FY 2020-21
The results of the 2020-2021 Economic Impact Study underscore that investment in education is an investment in the future prosperity of Orange County. RSCCD and its two colleges remain unwavering in their commitment to nurturing talent, driving economic growth, and fostering a brighter future for Orange County.  

The 2020-2021 Economic Impact Study was commissioned by the Orange Country Regional Consortium (OCRC) Governance Council through SWP regional investments. Read the full report here.  ​

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