Deleting a Website

A SharePoint site is deleted from inside itself.

  • Open the website you want to delete
  • Go to Site Settings
  • Under Site Actions, click on Delete this site
  • You will receive a warning that you are about to delete this site. Click "Delete" to complete the process.
  • To avoid broken links, make sure there is no link pointing to the site that will be deleted.

  • Important Note:
    • A deleted website is not permanently deleted. It remains in the Site Collection Recycle Bin for 30 days, and can be restored by ITS web administrator during that time window.
    • Be very careful when you delete a website. Keep in mind that it will be permanently deleted from the Site Collection Recycle Bin after 30 days.

Before deleting a website, you may want to keep it off-line for reference.

  • Go to Site Permissions and disable anonymous access to the site that is no longer in use and will be deleted.