Creating A Website

Each web site created under a parent site is called a “subsite” or website. Each subsite can be a top level website (e.g. department website) which can have multiples subsites, down as many levels as users need.

To create a new website:

  • Select New Site from Site Actions
  • Select Publishing Site
  • Click on More Options


  • In Create window, enter Site Title and URL (follow naming convention)
  • Keep default permissions (Use same permisisons as parent site)
    You can break parent permisisons inheritance later if needed.
  • Click Create


Go back to the parent site and select Site Actions > View All Site Content. The new site appears under Sites and Workspaces.

Each subsite

  • possesses all the features of a parent site
  • can inherit its parent permissions or have its own
  • can show parent navigation links or only its own navigation
  • can be made public or private
    When it is private, only permitted users have access

Pages Library Settings

  • Open the Pages library and select the Page tab on the ribbon
  • Click on Library Setttings on the right hand side of the ribbon

  • Under General Settings, select Versioning Settings to open the Pages Library Settings page.
    • Content Approval is disabled by default. The No option should be checked.
      Note: If your site is assigned to a contributor and needs the site owner's approval to publish a page, you can enable the content approval by checking Yes.
    • Document Version History
      Set the number of major and minor versions you want to keep.
    • Required Check Out
      Check YES
      • to prevent multiple people from making changes at the same time.
      • so team members can add a comment to keep track what has changed in each version.
      • to enable the"Discard Check Out" option, which allows you to discard the changes you have made to your checked out version.

        Note: You can override a page checked out page by another user, but this will override all the changes that user has made.

      • Pages Library Settings: