Creating Websites

Each web site created under a parent site is called a “subsite” or website. Each subsite can be a top level website (e.g. department website) which can have multiples subsites, down as many levels as users need.

To create a new website:

  • Select New Site from Site Actions
  • Select Publishing Site
  • Click on More Options


  • In Create window, enter Site Title and URL (follow naming convention)
  • Keep default permissions (Use same permisisons as parent site)
    You can break parent permisisons inheritance later if needed.
  • Click Create


Go back to the parent site and select Site Actions > View All Site Content. The new site appears under Sites and Workspaces.

Each subsite

  • possesses all the features of a parent site
  • can inherit its parent permissions or have its own
  • can show parent navigation links or only its own navigation
  • can be made public or private
    When it is private, only permitted users have access

Pages Library Settings

  • Open the Pages library and select the Page tab on the ribbon
  • Click on Library Setttings on the right hand side of the ribbon

  • Under General Settings, select Versioning Settings to open the Pages Library Settings page.
    • Content Approval is disabled by default. The No option should be checked.
      Note: If your site is assigned to a contributor and needs the site owner's approval to publish a page, you can enable the content approval by checking Yes.
    • Document Version History
      Set the number of major and minor versions you want to keep.
    • Required Check Out
      Check YES
      • to prevent multiple people from making changes at the same time.
      • so team members can add a comment to keep track what has changed in each version.
      • to enable the"Discard Check Out" option, which allows you to discard the changes you have made to your checked out version.

        Note: You can override a page checked out page by another user, but this will override all the changes that user has made.

      • Pages Library Settings:

Deleting a website

A SharePoint site is deleted from inside itself.

  • Open the website you want to delete
  • Go to Site Settings
  • Under Site Actions, click on Delete this site

Note: In SharePoint 2010, a deleted site is not permanently deleted. It is stored in the Site Collection Recycle Bin and can be restored by ITS web administrator.

Using folders under the Pages Library

Folders can be used to group web pages under the Pages Library and to store uploaded stand-alone web pages you want to link to your SharePoint Pages.