Page History

  • Each web page has a version history.
  • The number of major and minor versions can be set in Page Library Settings > Versioning Settings

 It is important to know how to access the version history of your page should you need to restore a previous version.

To view the  Page History

  • Select  the Page tab on the ribbon
  • Select Page History
  • On the Page History page, click on the Version History option.


To restore a previous version

For example: Your current published major version is 36.0, and you want to restore the previous version 35.0.
  • Check out the page before you open the page history
  • Click on Version History
  • Click on the down arrow on the right hand side of version 35.0 date
  • Select Restore from the dropdown menu
  • The restored version is then a new minor version. It must be re-published to become a new major version, and go live (with or without update).