Creating a Survey

To create a survey,

  • Go to the site you want to create the survey
  • Select Add an App from the site admin dropdown. Another way is to open Site Contents and click on Add an App icon.
  • Select Survey

  • ​Enter the survey name and click Create
  • In Site Contents, the new survey appears under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps.
  • Click on the new survey icon to open the survey page

Survey Settings

  • Select Survey Settings from the Settings dropdown menu

  • Select List name, description and navigation under General Settings
  • Enter survey name and description and select survey options

    Survey Options:
    • Check No to "Show user names in survey results" - to keep users anonymous
    • Check No to "Allow multiple responses" - users cannot take the survey a second time

Adding Survey questions

  • In the survey overview page, select Add Questions under Settings menu.

    Add a survey question and then click Next Question to add more. Click Finish when you have added all questions to your survey.

  • SharePoint survey is for internal use. You can enable anonymous access on the list, but there are problems associated with it. A major problem is that you cannot restrict the number of times an anonymous user may complete the survey.