Bond Oversight

Measure E was presented to the electorate under the provision of Proposition 39 which requires that RSCCD appoint an independent bond oversight committee. The nine-member bond oversight committee holds public meetings to review project plans and to ensure all bond funds are being used for capital projects not administrative, faculty or staff salaries. The committee also oversees an annual audit of all Measure E expenditures. To date, the independent oversight committee has consistently given the district the highest possible evaluation for efficient and effective use of bond funds. By statute, its membership must consist of:

  • A member of the business community
  • An active member of a senior citizens organization
  • An enrolled student active in a community college group (2)
  • A member of the college’s foundation or other support organization (2)
  • A member of a bona-fide taxpayers association
  • Two members who are not employees, contractors or vendors of the district

All committee members serve in an uncompensated capacity for terms of two years, and not exceeding three consecutive terms. No committee members may be college district employees or officials, or vendors, contractors or consultants to the college district.