Fiscal Resources Committee 2022-2023

​FRC Responsibilities:

"The Fiscal Resources Committee provides district-level fiscal review including annual evaluation of the District's Budget Allocation Model, as well as develops and recommends tentative and adopted budget assumptions to District Council"

  • Reviews and Evaluates Budget Allocation Model
  • Monitors State Budget Development and Recommends Mid-Year Adjustments
  • Develops Assumptions for Tentative & Adopted Budgets
  • Develops District budget process calendar
  • Assesses effective use of financial resources
  • Reviews and Evaluates Financial Management Processes

FRC Planning Calendar:​

JanuaryReview Governor's Proposed Budget and Audit Reports
FebruaryReview and Recommend Tentative Budget Assumptions
MarchReview and Update Budget Allocation Model (BAM) & Updated Allocation Simulation
AprilReview and Update Budget Allocation Model (BAM)
MayGovernor's May Revise and Review and Recommend Tentative Budget
July​Governor Signs Budget and Update Budget Assumptions
AugustReview and Recommend Proposed Adopted Budget
SeptemberReview Multi-Year Projections (MYP) and Budget Calendar
October​Approve Budget Calendar and Committee Goals and Accomplishments
NovemberLAO Publishes Fiscal Outlook Report

​FRC Membership:

​​​Santa An​a College ​​​Santiago Canyon College
​Bart HoffmanSteven Deeley
Morrie Barembaum ​(FARSCCD)
Susana Cardenas
Veronica Munoz
Noemi Guzman
Jorge E. Lopez
Craig Rutan
Iris Ingram - Chair
Jim Isbell - Co-Chair
Arleen Satele
Adam O'Connor 
Karley Dinh
Ethan Harlan​​
Enrique Perez
​​Vaniethia Hubbard ​(alternate)
Jose Vargas (alternate)​
Thao Nguyen (alternate)​​

FRC Agendas & Minutes:

Agenda​​s with Materials
​Additional Handouts Approved Minutes
July 6, 2022
2022-23 Adopted Budget Assumptions, 07-05-22

CCC Joint Analysis - Enacted 2022-23 Budget, 07-01-22

SSC Update: Governor Newsom Signs 2022-23 State Budget Package,

July 6, 2022
​August 17, 2022
​FY2021-22 Close-out Balance as
of 08-16-2022

50% Law History, 08-17-22​​
​​August 17, 2022
​September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022
October 19, 2022
October 19, 2022
November 16, 2022
November 16, 2022
​January 25, 2023​
January 25, 2023
​​February 15, 2023​ - CANCELLED
Email Update​ 

​March 15, 2023

​March 15, 2023
April 19, 2023
​​2022-23 FTES (P2) Estimated​ Actuals Comparison to 2021-22 (RECALC) Actuals
April 19, 2023
May 18, 2023 (Thursday)
2023-24 Budget: Initial Comments on the Governor's May Revision,
May 2023

​May 18, 2023

​ ​      ​

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