Behavioral Intervention Team

Overview of the Behavioral Intervention Team:

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) was established with the mandate to identify, assess, and monitor students displaying moderate to extreme levels of distress, disruption, and/or behavioral dysregulation, including homicidal, suicidal, assaultive or self-injurious threats, and to implement timely interventions that protect the welfare of the student and the safety of the college community. Its primary goal is to provide threat assessments and early intervention before a crisis arises.


Key Functions of the BIT: 

  • Increase the identification of students whose behaviors are distressed, disruptive, and/or dysregulated by developing a culture of reporting on campus.
  • Discuss/assess situations brought to its attention by any member of the campus community seeking guidance on disruptive and/or concerning behaviors that might lead to aggression or self-harm. 
  • Centralize the process of collecting and assessing “red flags” raised by student behavior and documented by different sources within the District. 
  • Develop a coordinated plan to help students in crisis, mitigate risk, facilitate early intervention, and protect and maintain campus safety.
  • Coordinate follow-up with the student to ensure that recommended services, support, and resources are deployed effectively.

BIT Members: 

BIT is composed of the following individuals from diverse areas within the District:

  • Vice Presidents of Student Services
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Associate Deans of Student Development 
  • Chief of Campus Safety
  • Lieutenants of Campus Safety
  • Associate and Assistant Deans of DSPS
  • Psychologist
  • Title IX Coordinator 
The Chief of Safety & Security shall serve as the Chair of BIT. BIT may seek assistance and input from other members of the campus community to provide additional information, expertise, or resources in case reviews, as required. Additional ad hoc members may include representatives from all college departments as required in specific student situations.







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