Comprehensive Master Plan


FEBRUARY ​2024 Update​


Integrated Planning / Educational Master Plan Development Services Project

October 2, 2023 – March 31, 2024


The Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) is now in the fifth month of its six month project to streamline and enhance integrated planning across RSCCD, its District Services and Operations (DSO), and its two colleges, Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC). The Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) continues to provide facilitation and technical support services for the project. The outcome of the project will be the production of four new fully-aligned planning documents that will provide a blueprint for action for RSCCD over the next four to eight years in serving students and communities of the RSCCD Orange County
region and beyond. The four plans are:

These four plans under development are data-informed by a Comprehensive Data Profile
composed of internal and external scans and workforce data that examine the needs of the
Orange County area today and for the future.
During January, Phase II of the project was completed, with two important activities:​
  1.  The SAC and SCC Educational Master Plan Task Forces reviewed the last set of quantitative data, and also the themes that emerged from the listening sessions(qualitative data) held in Fall with internal and external stakeholders, including students.
  2. The Planning and Organizational Effectiveness (POE) Committee and the Chancellor's Cabinet convened in a four-hour retreat/work session and developed four broad Strategic Directions to guide the District for the next eight years. This set of overarching Strategic Directions for RSCCD was reviewed by both the District Council and the Board Institutional Effectiveness Committee. The four broad Strategic Directions will be brought to the full Board of Trustees for approval on February 12th.

These four overarching Strategic Directions provide the framework for the RSCCD
Comprehensive Master Plan, and will be operationalized through the goals and objectives of the two college EMPs and the DSO Plan (Phase III of the project), to be developed during the month of February. All four plans will be considered for adoption by the Board of Trustees in June and, once approved, will commence with the 2024-2025 Fiscal and Academic Year.

Throughout the project, an update will be provided at the beginning of each month to
summarize progress on the project and describe upcoming activities.