Uploading and Downloading Documents

Before linking to your web pages, documents should be uploaded to the Documents Library.

PDF file format is recommended for documents used for the web.

Uploading Documents to the Documents Library

  • Go to Site Actions, select View All Site Content and open the Documents Library.

    Click on Upload document.

  • Browse to a single image file to upload, or select “Upload Multiple Files…” to upload multiple files in one time. Currently, only Internet Explorer (IE) browser supports multiple files uploading.

Creating document folders

Documents of the same category should be organized in a separate folder created under the Documents Library.

  • Open the Documents Library
  • Click on Documents under Library Tools tab

  • Select New Folder
  • Name the new folder
  • Open the new folder and upload documents

Downloading documents from a Documents Library

To download each document from the Documents Library, select the document and then click "Download a Copy" from the ribbon.

To download multiple documents,

  • open the Documents Library or any subfolder you want to download documents from it
  • click on Open with Explorer link on the ribbon

  • A window explorer will pop up for you to copy the document files and paste into your local machine