Security and Public Safety

​​Parking Citations and Pe​​​​nalties

Violation CodeDescriptionFine
101Failure to Obey Sign or Signal$45.00
102Exceeding 15 mph on District Property$45.00
103Failure to Yield to Pedestrian$45.00
104Operating on Walkway/Field/Landscape Area$45.00
201No Valid Parking Permit
202Parked in Area  Area Without Clearly Marked Stall$45.00
203Parked Outside Lines of Marked Stall $45.00
204Disabled Parking - No Placard Displayed$350.00
205Visitors or Vendors Parking Only $45.00
206Staff Parking Only$45.00
207In Violation of Posted Sign/Marking$45.00
208Park/Leave Vehicle on Walkway/Driveway$45.00
209Bikes/Motorcycles Required Valid Parking Permit$45.00
210APainted Curb - Red Zone - No Parking/Stopping $100.00
210BPainted Curb - Yellow Zone - Loading/Unloading$45.00
210CPainted Curb - Green Zone - 30 min. Parking$45.00
210DPainted Curb - Blue Zone - Disabled Parking Only$350.00
211Auto-Diesel Parking Required Work Order Displayed$45.00
212Auto-Diesel Parking Required Parking  Permit$45.00
213Diagonal in Stall Parking Only $45.00
214Park/Leave Vehicle Blocking Lanes$45.00
215No Overnight Stay in Parked Vehicle$45.00
216Animal/Child Left Unattended in Vehicle$45.00
217Abandon/Leave Vehicle Over 72 hours Without Authorization$45.00

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