Staff Directory

Nga Pham Nga Pham, Executive Director of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, joined the department in 1990.  She has designed, conducted and coordinated program evaluation and survey research in various areas and developed evaluation templates for faculty and staff to use in their research endeavors.  Nga serves on various committees (including the statewide Research and Planning Group Board), coordinates evaluation efforts for grants, and coordinates the district and colleges' IPEDS data collection and other mandated reports.  She is an alumnus of Santa Ana College and holds a BA in business administration and a MPA from CSU, Fullerton.  Nga can be reached by calling (714) 480-7467 or sending an email at

Cristina Gheorghe, Research Coordinator, has vast knowledge of the district and its two colleges' community and practices, as well as a broad range of experiences in all aspects of institutional research, particularly in validating placement tests and program assessment. Currently, she leads data collection and analysis efforts for the Adult Education Block Grant.   She is an alumnus of Santiago Canyon College and has a B.S. in mathematics from Chapman University.  Cristina can be reached by calling (714) 480-7468  or  sending an email at


​Tyler Nguyen, Research Analyst, comes with a quantitative background in data analysis and data visualization.  He also has postsecondary teaching experience in math and computer science.  He holds a B.S. in mathematics from UCLA and a M.S in applied mathematics from CSULB.  Tyler can be reached by calling (714) 480-7469 or sending an email at