​About CalSTRS - State Teachers Retirement System


All Academic employees hired in a 50% - 100% assignment.

All Academic Part-Time employees electing STRS membership.

All Academic Substitute employees working more than 100 days in a Fiscal Year.

All Academic Part-Time employees working more than 60 hours in one pay period.


Employee: 10.205% of  Gross Earnings
Employer: 16.15% of Gross Earnings 

Eligible to Retire:

 Normal retirement age is 60 with 2 percent age factor. The maximum age factor is 2.4 percent at age 63.  Standard:  Age 55 or over with a minimum of five years of STRS credited service.  30 and out:  Age 50 with 30 years of STRS service.

Effective January 1, 2013:
Normal retirement age is 62 with 2 percent age factor.  The maximum is 2.4 percent at 65.  The minimum age a new member can retire is 55 with 5 years of service.  For new members, the career factor is eliminated.
Redeposit and purchase of service prior to membership: STRS Teletalk
(800) 228-5453
Redeposit: Message # 103
Purchase of additional Service: Message # 250
Sick Leave Credit:

Unused sick leave can be transferred to STRS for additional service credit.  The service credit granted for unused sick leave is determined by dividing the number of accumulated unused sick leave by the number of base service days required to complete the last school year.
(For example 120 unused sick days, and 175 number of days of full time service would be:

120/175 = .686 years of service