​​About PERS - Public Employees Retirement System



All Classified employees hired in a 50% - 100% assignment.

All Classified part-time employees working more than 1,000 hours in one Fiscal year.

Contribution:Classic employee (hired prior to 01-01-2013): Gross Earnings X 7.00%

Pepra employee (hired on or after 01-01-2013): Gross Earnings X 8.00%

Eligible to Retire:

Age 50 or over with a minimum of five years of Cal-PERS credited service.

Retirement factor: Classic - 2.00% at 55
                                  Pepra - 2.00% at 62

Redeposit and purchase of service prior to membership: Public Employees Retirement System
Member Service Division, Section 832
P.O. Box 942704
Sacramento, CA 94229-2704
(916) 326-3830
Sick Leave Credit:

Unused sick leave can be transferred to PERS for additional service credit. It takes 250 days of sick leave to receive one year of service credit. (For example 120 days of sick leave would be:

120/250 = .480 years of service

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