Eligibility Requirements

​​​The following dependents are eligible for Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Coverage:

  • Your natural, step or adopted children if they are under the age of 26, regardless of marital status, financial dependency, in school or armed forces.
  • Grandchildren are only eligible if you are the Court appointed​ legal guardian
  • Children over age 26 who are disabled and depend on you for support.
  • Your legal spouse or registered domestic partner​.
​Dependent Verification

Adding dependents is subject to eligibility verification in order to ensure only eligible individuals are participating in our plans. You will be required to provide proof of one or more of the following within 31 days of their eligibility:
  • Prior year’s tax return and marriage certificate.
  • State-issued certificate of domestic partnership.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Final decree of divorce.
  • Court documents showing legal responsibility for adopted children or children under legal guardianship.
  • Physician’s written certification of disabling condition (for dependent children over age 26 incapable of self-support).
  • Social Security Number

If you do not supply the proper documentation to add dependents within 31 day period, you will not be able to add the
dependent(s) until the next open enrollment period.

​​​​​Note: If you and your spouse are both employees of RSCCD, it is important to remember that RSCCD does not permit "double coverage," that is, you may not elect coverage as both an employee and a dependent for any of the District plans.

Only you or your spouse can elect coverage for your eligible dependent children.