Eligibility Requirements

The following are eligibility requirements for Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Coverage:

  • Your children if they are under the age of 26, regardless of marital status, financial dependency, in school or armed forces.
  • They must be your natural, step, adopted or foster child.
  • Grandchild is only eligible if you are the Court appointed legal guardian
  • Your legal spouse
  • Your domestic partner

Proof of Eligibility:

When adding a dependent to your insurance coverage, you will be required to provide original and/or certified copies of one or more of the following to the Benefits Office:

  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificate
  • Court adoption papers
  • Registration of domestic partnership
  • Income tax returns

Note: If you and your spouse are both employees of RSCCD, it is important to remember that RSCCD does not permit "double coverage," that is, you may not elect coverage as both an employee and a dependent for any of the District plans.

Only you or your spouse can elect coverage for your eligible dependent children.