Student Email and Microsoft Office in the Cloud

​We began providing all active students from Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon College, Orange Education Center, and Centennial Education Center with college email addresses and access to Microsoft 365 for no additional charge beginning on November 15, 2015.

YouTube instructional videos:

Documentation has been provided with step by step instructions for student email and Microsoft Office 365: RSCCD Student Email Instructions.pdf.

To Log into Microsoft Office 365, click or enter in the browser address bar. Enter the college issued 'home' email address and the Microsoft 365 password, then click the "Sign In" button.

  • User ID: Use your SAC or SCC student Email address as the User ID. Student Email addresses are the Web Advisor ID or (e.g. or
  • Default Password:  The default password for email is your date of birth in the Mmmddyyyy format with the first letter of the month capitalized (e.g. if your birthday is November 15, 2015 the default password would be Nov152015) or current WebAdvisor password.

Password Reset or Change:  To set reset your password (if you forgot it) or to change your password (if you know it) please click or enter:

Don't know your WebAdvisor account: To lookup their WebAdvisor ID a student can click or enter: