Self Service FAQs

​​​​Self Service Frequently Asked Questions (​FAQs)


​What is Self-Service?

Colleague Self-Service is an interactive web application that enables users to view their individual information contained in RSCCD's Colleague databases. 

Self-Service has been in use by RSCCD since 2020 and is the successor to WebAdvisor.

How do I access Self-Service?

You can access Self-Service at the following links:

​​​Self-Service can also be accessed by clicking on the link at the top of your respective college or District homepage, then using your Single Sign-on (SSO) credentials to login.

See Santa Ana College website link for Self-Service.

See Santiago Canyon College website link for Self-Service.



​​Instructional Resources Available on Self-Service

Employee Resources Available on Self-Service​

I received an error trying to drop a student using the Drop roster.

If you received an error message when attempting to drop a student from your class, please take the following steps to confirm whether the drop succeeded:

  • When you are on the Drop roster for your section, reload the page in your web browser
  • Check if student is still on drop roster. If drop succeeded, they will not be listed
  • Click on Roster tab, which should now show that the student was dropped. 
  • If the student was not dropped as expected, please contact your Admissions and Records office. 

Self Service appears to have a bug where a "false error" is displayed at times, even if the drop succeeded. This issue has been reported by non-credit and appears to be intermittent at times. We have reached out to our vendor to troubleshoot. 

How do I access Web Attendance Tracking? Will entry of Positive Attendance (PA) Hours be enabled in Self-Service?

The link to Web Attendance Tracking is available in Self-Service under the Faculty menu in the left-hand navigation.

There will be no change in procedure with respects to entering in Positive Attendance hours.

(Web Attendance Tracking for entering in Positive Attendance (PA) is an external application unrelated to WebAdvisor.  The link is merely provided in WebAdvisor for easy access.)

To access Web Attendance Tracking in Self-Service:

  1. Log into Self-Service
  2. Select the Navigation Menu icon
  3. Expand the Daily Work (briefcase icon
  4. Expand the Faculty submenu under Daily Work and
  5. Select Web Attendance Tracking from the links.
See Self-Service Navigation Menu for access to Web Attendance Tracking, under the Daily Work and Faculty sub-menus. 

Will my rosters or other information I entered into WebAdvisor be lost?

No, rosters or information you entered into WebAdvisor will not be lost.  Your rosters are available in Self-Service already.  We encourage you to navigate to and become familiar with Self-Service now.

If I have already graded in WebAdvisor, will I need to re-enter grades in Self-Service?  

If you have already completed your grade submission using WebAdvisor, they are in the system and you will not need to re-enter them in Self-Service. ​​


When using Self-Service, how do I see grades that I posted in WebAdvisor during the current or previous semesters? 

Under the Faculty menu, select the section that you want to view your grades.   Your sections are arranged by term with the most recent terms towards the top.  

Click on the Section Name to open the Section Details for that section. Then click on the Grading tab. By default, the Overview sub-tab will be open.    

Grades you have posted – whether through WebAdvisor or Self-Service – will be displayed here. ​

How do I save/print my grades, to submit as Proof of Grade submission?

To save/print your grades in Self-Service, we recommend using Ctrl + P (Windows) or Cmd + P (Mac) to open the Print screen. 

For the printer Destination, select Save as PDF.

This will save a PDF copy of the page you are viewing which you can send as proof of grade submission to your department.

Below is an example from a Windows computer using Firefox:

  1. Press Ctrl+P on the keyboard to bring up Print window.
  2. For Destination, select Save to PDF.
  3. Select Save to finish.

How can I get help grading in Self Service for the first time?  

Please read the Faculty Grading Manual and reference this brief instructional video on how to grade in Self Service.

You may also contact ITS Help Desk for additional assistance. 

How do I perform Faculty Drop process in Self Service? 

You can find more information on how to drop students in Self Service for College credit classes or for non-credit Continuing Education classes here: 

How can I get help with faculty drop in Self Service for the first time?  

Please refer to the following for detailed instructions:
You may also contact ITS Help Desk for additional assistance. 

​​Why was WebAdvisor decommissioned?

​​​​​WebAdvisor has reached its end of life.

Our vendor Ellucian has released Self-Service as its successor

By the end of 2022 calendar year, Ellucian will no longer provide updates or support for WebAdvisor. 

When was WebAdvisor be decomissioned?

WebAdvisor was turned off on January 4, 2023.

Certain features of WebAdvisor were migrated to Self-Service prior to that date, including:

  • Faculty Grading on December 7, 2022
  • Faculty Drops on December 19, 2022.​

What issues have been reported for Self Service?

If you are encountering an issue using Self Service, please refer to the list below to see if this issue has already been reported and to find the current status.

1RESOLVEDFinal Grading tab missing CE SpringGrading
2RESOLVEDFinal Grade column missing from some CE Drop RostersDrop RosterContact A&R if you have this issue.
3NEWFalse "Student could not be dropped" error with "See your advisor." warningSelf Service may be reporting a false error. See steps to confirm drop succeeded in NotesDrop RosterCheck roster to confirm if drop succeeded. 
4NEWFalse "Student could not be dropped" error without "See your advisor." warningSelf Service may be reporting a false error. See steps to confirm drop succeeded in NotesDrop RosterCheck roster to confirm if drop succeeded. 
5SECT BUILD ISSUEDrop roster not appearing if no census date for sectionDrop RosterContact A&R if you have this issue.
6KNOWN ISSUEEmailing students from Self Service includes dropped studentsEmailVendor has a feature request to improve.
7KNOWN ISSUEDifficulty emailing students from Self Service. Self Service uses email client on your PC.EmailVendor has a feature request to improve.
8RESOLVEDUnable to email students who are also employeesPrivacy restrictions updated to resolve this issue.Email
9CAN'T CHGCannot drop when class is prereq of anotherMust contact A&R to drop students from class that is a prerequisite for another class on student's schedule.Drop RosterSelf Service does not
10TESTINGRestricted sections show zero enrollmentsChairs cannot see enrollments for restricted sections like Dual Enrollment in their department.Catalog
11RESOLVEDNegative seat countsSelf Service does not show negative seat counts currently if over cap. Catalog
12KNOWN ISSUEFalse "Student could not be dropped" error with "No valid rate table." warningSelf Service is reporting a false error due to bug affecting non-credit sections.Drop RosterVendor has bug report for this issue.
13NEWAdd ability to sort Roster tab by the various columnsRoster

If your issue is not in this list, or to request further information, please reach out to our ITS Help Desk.  ​

How can I provide additional feedback about Self Service?  

Faculty can use the following survey link to provide ITS with additional feedback about Self Service:

However, if you have encountered any issue using Self Service, please reach out to our ITS Help Desk to open a support ticket.​​


Resources Available on Self-Service​

How do I access eForms (e.g., Absence forms, Time Cards, Budget Change, Status Change, etc?)

Employees may now access eForms in Self-Service!

This includes:

  • Absence eForm link
  • TimeCard, overtime and/or Comptime eForm link
For Timekeepers & Approvers:
  • Blank Absence eForm link
  • Blank Timecard eForm link
  • Status Change eForm link
  • Budget Change eForm link
  • Transfer of Expenditures eForm link
To access the eForms:
  1. Log into Self-Service
  2. Select the Navigation Menu icon
  3. Select Employment
  4. Select Employee eForms
Employee eForms Navigation.png
This is an example of what the new eForms Access Page looks like:
eForm Access Page.png
For your reference, here is a picture of the links from WebAdvisor that this replaces:
eForms Staff Only WebAdvisor.png


Resources Available on Self-Service

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Help for ​Students

Please contact the Student Help Desk at Santa Ana College (SAC) or Santiago Canyon College (SCC).

Help for Faculty & Staff:

Please contact ITS Help Desk​.